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The Really Hard Ones to Quit

Time To Say Goodbye Message

I have so enjoyed hearing from you about the things that are in the way of what you want and your plan to quit them. And a few of you have asked, “But what if it’s a person that I need to quit?” When the topic for review is “friends” we squirm.   Most of us have taken to heart the refrain in the Girl Scout song, “Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.” But chances are when you decide what to quit in order to move forward some people will inevitably be left behind, temporarily or permanently, for a host of valid reasons. Some friends we simply outgrow, while others no longer support our vision. Our new path may move us geographically or philosophically a long way away. We also may have friends who are, if we are frank with ourselves, needy, toxic, energy-sucking people that make us feel like we are circling the drain whenever we are around them.

Every business partnership benefits from having a detailed, mutually agreed upon exit strategy, preferably planned before the names appear on the dotted lines. How much easier it might be if we had one for every friendship we enter, a sort of prenuptial agreement for the masses. But it doesn’t work that way and letting a friendship elapse can feel like doing surgery with the jagged edge of a broken pop bottle.

But the choice can actually benefit both parties. When we decide to shift away from our obvious need to be desperately needed, our willingness to be treated with disrespect and our symbiotic agreement to give away energy, we open up a whole new realm of possibilities for all concerned.  When we see ourselves as grateful, healthy, and passionate with a higher vision for our lives we raise the bar for everyone.

So whom might you need to release?

AUTHOR - Mary LoVerde

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