Mary's Memory Jar Cards

Mary’s Memory Jar Cards

Simply give these Memory Jar Cards to your family and friends to write down a special memory of the person you are honoring. Contact Mary to inquire about giving your attendees one of the most unique and impactful gifts they will ever receive.

Lessons I've Learned Along The Way

Lessons I’ve Learned Along The Way

In this video, Mary tells the story of giving her work-life balance philosophy the ultimate test: She accepted the invitation to sell her home, give away all of her belongings, and embark on a three-year journey around the world… without a plan.



The Winners Quit Poem

The real truth is winners quit. Knowing what to quit, when to quit, how to quit, and why you are quitting is the hallmark of an authentic life. So by all means, please, please quit. DOWNLOAD PDF


The Five Biggest Life Balance Mistakes Women Leaders Make

In this E-Book, Mary LoVerde explains why keeping life in balance has never been more important for women leaders. Learn the five biggest life-balance mistakes to avoid. DOWNLOAD E-BOOK