The Invitation

The Invitation: When You’re Ready to Take Your Next Step.

Do you believe there’s more to life – but aren’t sure how to move forward? Are you facing a challenge – and don’t know what to do about it? Do you have a big dream – but nay-sayers are telling you, “It’ll never work”? Are you ready for a new adventure – and would love to know what that looks like? If you said yes to any of the questions above, you’ve come to the right source for answers that will help you transform your life, starting today. With her trademark combination of humor and wisdom, Mary LoVerde will help you shine a light on what is holding you back. She’ll challenge you to face the reasons why, and offer valuable lessons to help you lead the life you want now… not someday. Are you ready to quit what’s not working and kick-start what does? If so, take your next step and say “yes” to The Invitation.

I used to have a handle on life but it broke

I Used to Have a Handle on Life, But It Broke

Working 24/7 and still can’t get it all done? Then don’t! Most women think that the only way to manage the mounting chaos in their lives is to take control and organize, organize, organize. No wonder we have overwhelming to-do lists that leave us feeling exhausted and powerless! Mary LoVerde has a better idea.

Showing us that the opposite of control is not chaos, but contentment, LoVerde demonstrates how to counter the natural urge to assume responsibility for everything. In place of frustrating and futile controlling strategies, she gives straightforward techniques for maintaining energy and keeping balance no matter what life throws their way. Recognizing that we often confuse control with power, LoVerde delineates six solutions that will help women change from striving for control to thriving with true power.

stop screaming at the microwave

Stop Screaming at the Microwave!

Despite our efforts at time-management, prioritizing, delegating, and simplifying, the end of our “to do” lists remains frustratingly unattainable – and we spend each day feeling torn in a million directions, guilt-ridden, and defeated. Whether racing to meet a deadline, get the kids to soccer practice, or throw in a batch of laundry, we whip ourselves into a frenzy, repeating the mantra: “Work harder! Work faster! Go for everything!”

Mary LoVerde has been there. After struggling for years to be a super-mom, super-wife and super-career woman, she came to a life-transforming realization: in her zeal to do and be everything, she had become disconnected. In this book, LoVerde shows how to bring our overwhelmed lives back into balance by making vital connections – with family, friends, community, work, the world around us, and our own passions and potential.

touching tomorrow

Touching Tomorrow: How to Interview Your Loved Ones to Capture a Lifetime of Memories

What does your mother remember about her first kiss? What’s the first thing your father tells himself every morning? By the time we are adults, it is all too easy to look at our parents and grandparents as though their lives have been miles removed from our own, causing a communication and generation gap seemingly impossible to bridge. But the older we get, the more we understand the importance of connecting with our elders before they’re gone. There is no better way to do this than to talk to them like you never have before and create a record of their lives to share with the next generation.

Showcasing over 200 questions that are sure to help you know your loved ones better than you ever dreamed, Touching Tomorrow contains everything you need to record your family’s most valuable asset: their wisdom, humor, and love. With tips on preparing both yourself and your elders for the technical and emotional process, helpful hints on coaxing shy or reluctant family members to participate, and heartwarming real life stories from people who have already preserved their elders’ memories on tape, this is an invaluable guide to creating a precious family heirloom – one that will truly touch tomorrow.